Top 4 .Net Core 3 Features – Here’s What’s New!

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If you are a .NET developer, you must have heard the fuss around newly announced .NET Core 3 release. Today, we are going to look at the new features in detail to get a better understanding of what can be done and what not.

1. Desktop App Development – UWP, Winforms and WPF gone open sourced !

This is the probably the most talked about new feature and its a bit confusing. Initially, it sounds that now your desktop apps can run across other operating systems like linux. Right? Well the answer is NO. Your desktop apps developed on .NET Core 3 will only be able to run on Windows platforms only.

Windows Only vs Cross Platform

So then what’s the advantage of bringing desktop to .NET Core? So that you can develop in same environment. Before the release of .NET Core 3, one wasn’t able to develop in Desktop and Web Applications on same system. Because you needed two different frameworks, which was a headache to manage on same system.

2. Easy conversion of Existing Desktop Apps to .NET Core 3

The process is really simple, you just need to set the target version of your existing desktop app to .NET Core 3 and compile again. That’s it. However, if you have some 3rd party nuget references which are built in older versions of .net, you will have to wait for their upgraded releases or find any alternative for Core 3.

3. Side by side versioning

We could only have one version of .Net installed on one system. With Core 3, we can have different versions installed and running side by side. Each application is locked and runs in its specified version.

4. Ship framework with software

Prior to Core 3, if you have an older version of the framework and you had to install a software built on a newer one. You had to install the framework first. Now you can ship the framework as part of your application.

Ready to play? Download .NET Core 3 and get your hands dirty!

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