Success might be your biggest failure.

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Blindfolded businessman

Success is a beautiful butterfly, we go too far in her pursuit. Far from our siblings. Far from our own reality..

Success is a toy whose acquisition process snatches away one’s consciousness of the destination. Fulfilling a desire is success for us and this success breaks other desires and sometimes, this success is no more than one’s own ego.

Your ego is your soul’s worst enemy.

Rusty Eric

Purpose of success is more important than its achievement.

A hardworking person struggles hard to achieve success. There are different types of struggles, for that there are different types of successes. Even if the hard work for bad purposes is successful, it’s still a failure. On the contrary, the hard work of good intent even failed is success. Achievement of success is not so important as selecting the purpose of success.

An ant struggles from dawn to dusk and her success is collecting food from mud. A vulture’s success is that his flight shows him the dead. Spiders make web, beautiful like an expert mathematician and engineer. Her goal was not to make a beautiful web but to catch a fly, and that’s her success.

Behind the glamour of success, one’s real desire is hidden. By looking closely at this desire, the real meaning of success can be understood.

Wasif Ali Wasif

Today’s Success

Defining success is difficult. Now a days, success is a competition. Getting ahead of others according to the social standards of one’s society is called success. And if a society doesn’t have its moral standards, success is a threat. Getting fame in liars is equivalent to getting ill-famed. The journey of success is the journey of selfishness. How can wealth collector be successful without closing his heart and hand for poor. A philanthropist’s success is different than other wealthy ones. There is big difference between the lives of a successful doctor, engineer and a lawyer. Every successful person considers others unsuccessful and that’s the proof of his failure.

Once you become rich, whatever the fuck you say becomes wisdom.

Jack Ma

The Dilemma of Success

Success has many dilemmas. A successful smile has many tears behind it. A successful conqueror is still a killer. Whether its Alexander or Genghis, similar deeds, fates and probably similar ends. Conquering the world and dying far away from homeland is dilemma of their success.

Collective success has lower risk. Struggle for a common cause made nations rise. But individual success imprisons one into his own self. In order to be successful, sometimes man leaves those great purposes thorough which he justifies his success. For e.g A doctor’s job is to serve the humanity. But with passage of time and in order to fulfill the standards of his success, fees becomes higher in priority than one’s health.

The outcome of success is sometimes the opposite of it’s purpose. If one wanted success so that people should respect him. What if he gained success but not respect? We want lots of money to have happiness. What if we become more wealthy but not happy?

Nothing fails like success sometimes. So at the end of the day, expectation increases and living up to them is so stressful.

Karan Johar

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