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How to host NodeJs on Windows

PM2 is a high performance, easy to use process manager for nodeJs. It’s free, cross-platform, open source and has a built-in load balancer. You...
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Top 4 .Net Core 3 Features – Here’s What’s New!

.Net Core released. Desktop application development comes to .NET Core 3.
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Success might be your biggest failure.

Hold a minute, take a step back and redefine your success. Don't let an illusion lead you to regrets.
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Entity Framework Core 2 Vs Dapper Performance Benchmark

Motivation: Working in a company where Microsoft technology stack is used widely. We chose .NET Core 2 for our new applications. Started researching which...
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Getting fired from 1st job to Technical Lead

“You should look for something else than coding, QA? Project Management? The world is Big, Oh, please don’t get demotivated, keep looking.” These were...
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JWT Authentication in .NET Core 2 Web Api with Custom Table

Secure your APIs with JWT token based authentications. Assign roles to the users on the go. No need to save tokens in the database.
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